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"Welcome to Velveteen Tea & Goods, the tea and plushie shop brought to life with love! Everything here comes handmade from the heart and I hope you enjoy what you find here!"


What Makes Our Tea Special?

Each tea you purchase from Velveteen Tea & Goods is made from simple ingredients and you will never find any artificial or unidentifiable ingredients in your jar. Each jar is made-to-order (and all by hand) to ensure your cup has nothing you can't recognize--except your new favorite tea.



As my slogan says, Velveteen Tea & Goods was brought to life with a love for tea and all things comfortable. Velveteen Tea is carefully curated to be as flavorful and beautiful to look at as it is to taste! Each product is made by hand, from each stitch on my plushies to each jar of tea hand-crushed and blended to perfection. I hope you enjoy everything you find here as much as I enjoyed making it!


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